Elektron New Machine

Elektron unveils full details of the Analog Four synth

4-voice analogue hardware with the bleakest promo video ever

Si Truss & Ben RogersonNovember 15, 2012, 13:01 GMT

Elektron has now unveiled full details and spec of the new instrument it has been teasing for the past few weeks; the Analog Four.

The device marries a 4-voice synth – featuring fully analogue oscillators, filters and signal path – with an advanced Elektron sequencer. It also features chorus, delay and reverb effects plus CV/Gate and DIN sync outputs. Check out the full spec below.

The Analog Four is set to start shipping 3 December and has an RRP of £899/$1149. Check out Elekron’s official site for more details.

When we told you that Elektron was teasing a new product, we concluded by saying that we were hoping for a promo video to match the epic production that accompanied the launch of the company’s Octatrack. Well, we got it.



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