2º Aniversario de Disko Selectors – Recopilación Con Mucho Disko¡ y amor…

Recopilacion Disco Electronic Music Disko¡ Selectors
Disko Selectors

Two years now since we did the first party of the collective … as time goes on …

Over the two years have spent wonderful things through everything about Disko!, So as they say “it is well born to be grateful” (or “share it is to live”) (two Spanish proverbs), we have prepared -like year last- a collection of amazing tunes did by producers that we admire greatly. In addition we are fortunate that many of them are great friends,so mostly for the occasion, have given us unreleased songs or purpose-made​​. And all are of extreme quality, as you can see below.

Continuing with pure quality, we want to thankful to Light Spectrum, good friend and great dj, by mix the thirty five tracks in a mix that would serve as promo. And he did a incredible work!

Finally now we can only thank all the people who are there every day (which are the ones we suffer), participants in the Serie Disko! and in this compilation, the owners of the labels on which we have published in last months, to all those who have ever shared what we do, to developers who have taken us to their parties, dj’s who have come to our parties, and, of course, to all those who follow us and listen.

Let’s Dance!



1. The Lonely Smoker – Help Me
2. Nicko – Fixin To Die (Edit)
3. Mandrill – Echoes In My Mind (Avanti Edit)
4. Fingerman – The Happy Track
5. Yello – The Expert (Álvaro Cabana Re-Edit)
6. Alyne – Over The Sky (Kid Machine Edit)
7. Calvin Flame – Phunky Beat
8. Iñigo – Hiwonstori
9. Starion – Hypnoto Roboto
10. Teniente Castillo – Do not hesitate (Y A Correr Edit)
11. Dixfisical – The Heart Volta
12. Irregular Disco Workers – Let’s Begin (Edit)
13. Taana Gardner – Heartbeat (Disco Felino Edit)
14. Dan Solo – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
15. Rotary Disco 76 – The Price Of The Beat (Edit)
16. Bufi – Sacrificio
17. Thomass Jackson – Karavan Funk
18. Ago – Trying Over (Ilya Santana Trying Dub Edit)
19. Dynamicron – Keep The Record Playing
20. Ralphi Rosario – You Used To Hold Me (Disko Selectors Acid Experiment)
21. Zombies In Miami – Primitivo Disco (Original Flute Mix)
22. Nazia Hassan – Disco Deewane (Kompleks Edit)
23. Salon Acapulco – Alabama
24. The Robot Scientists feat. Lisa – Black Hole (Epic Demo Version)
25. Sequencers – Cometa
26. Nalé Garcia – Strange (Galactic Mix)
27. Invisible Man’s Band – All Night Thing (La Royale & Yesco Edit)
28. Vermelho – Hell Or Heaven (Edit)
29. Sanza – Clashed Out (Original Mix)
30. Two Man Sound – Que Tal America (Jarle Bråthen 2013 Re-Fix)
31. Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (Flemming Dalum Remix)
32. Jeff Phelps – Super Lady (Felipe Sá Edit)
33. Modulaire – Cat Et La Nouvelle Vague
34. Africa Africa – Jungle Light (Future Feelings Remix)
35. Rotciv – Cats (Edit)

You can download all tracks of this mix here: http://wtrns.fr/KKpU7s4123XeZNZ


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